Deploying HyperScale X Appliance with Redundant Networking (Recommended Deployment Method)

HyperScale X Appliance can be setup with bonded interfaces using 4 10GigE ports per node as follows:

  • 2 bonded ports for Data Protection network
  • 2 bonded ports for internal/private Storage Pool network

Recommended: Deploying HyperScale X Appliance with redundant networking is the recommended method for setting up the appliance.


Deploying the appliance with redundant networking consists of the following steps:




Step 1: Pre-Installation Checklist

Collect the necessary information using the Pre-Installation Checklist for Redundant Networking to plan and prepare for setting up the HyperScale X Appliance.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Step 2: Cable HyperScale X Appliance for Redundant Networking.

Make sure that the HyperScale X Appliance is cabled appropriately for Redundant Networking.

Cabling HyperScale X Appliance for Redundant Networking

Step 3: Setup the HyperScale Browser

Setup the HyperScale Browser.

Setting Up the HyperScale Browser

Step 4: Setup the Nodes with Active-Backup Bonding

Install and configure the nodes with active backup bonding.

Setting Up the Nodes With Active-Backup Bonding (Redundant Networking)

Step 5: Configure the CommServe

Setup and configure the CommServe.

Configuring the CommServe

What to Do Next

Completing the Setup

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