Cabling HyperScale X Appliance For Basic Networking

Up to 2 - 10GbE ports can be connected to the data protection network and up to 2 - 10GbE ports can be connected to the private storage cluster network. The 1GbE Ethernet Integrated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) port is connected to the management or utility network for lights out access.

  • All data management tasks including backups and restores, including virtual Commserve connectivity, are established through the 2 - 10GbE data protection ports.
  • All storage related tasks, including all cluster connectivity for the storage network, will be through 2- 10GbE port private storage networks.

Each node has 2 dual port 10GbE adapters with an LC SFP+ transceiver installed in each port. These can be used for 10GbE fiber cabling or, can be removed for copper Twinax cabling if desired.

Cable Connectors

The network interface cards included with the HyperScale nodes support the use of either optical fiber or direct attach copper (Twinax) cabling.

For Optical Fiber Connection

For Direct Attach Copper (Twinax) Connections

10G Base-SR SFP+ modules are included for all 4 interfaces on each node to support standard or redundant cabling.

You will need to provide 10G Base-SR SFP+ modules for your switch and compatible OM3 or OM4 Multi-mode Fiber Cabling.

Direct Attach Copper cables are not included with an appliance purchase. When purchasing cables, ensure that they meet the following requirements:

  • Any SFP+ passive or active limiting direct attach copper cable, that complies with the SFF-8431 v4.1 and SFF-8472 v10.4 specifications.
  • Maximum cable length for passive cables is 7 meters.

10GBASE-T Support (Copper Twisted Pair)

10GBASE-T is not supported with the included SFP+ network interface cards.

Optional 10GBASE-T network cards are available as an additional purchase. Contact Commvault representative for more information.

Cabling a Basic Network

  1. Connect the 10GbE data protection port from each node to the data protection network.
  2. Connect the 10GbE storage network port from each node to the private storage network.

    Important: The Storage network and Data Protection network MUST be on two separate subnets.

  3. Connect the 1GbE BMC Controller port from each node to the management network.

HS4300 Connections

HS2300 Connections

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