Launching the HTML Installer

The HTML Installer can be launched to deploy and setup the nodes with Commvault software.


  1. Open a Web browser from any computer that can connect to the nodes.
  2. Type the IP address associated with any one of the nodes.
  3. The login dialog box is displayed.

    Type root as the Username and cvadmin as the Password.

What to Do Next

Deploy the nodes. Choose a deployment method based on your network topology:




Redundant Networking (Recommended method)

Deploying the appliance with a bonded 10GigE data protection and a bonded 10GigE storage pool networks.

Deploying HyperScale X Appliance with Redundant Networking (Recommended Deployment Method)

Basic Networking

Deploying the appliance with 10GigE data protection and 10GigE storage pool network. (with no network bonding.)

Deploying HyperScale X Appliance with Basic Networking

See Also: Advanced HyperScale X Appliance Deployment Scenarios

Last modified: 8/11/2020 6:51:25 PM