Configuring LITE Mode

When you configure the ContentStore Email Viewer in LITE mode, metadata for archived messages in the ContentStore is synchronized from the backup server when a network connection is available. A network connection is required to create a preview for a message. After the preview is created, it is available without a network connection.

To configure LITE mode for Citrix environments, see Configuring LITE Mode for Citrix Environments.


  1. Open the ContentStore general settings dialog box as follows:
    1. From Microsoft Outlook, right-click the ContentStore node, and then click Data File Properties.

      The ContentStore Properties dialog box appears.

    2. Click Advanced.

      The ContentStore dialog box appears.

  2. Under Online/Offline mode, select the Use Local Cache Mode check box.
  3. On the Offline Mode tab, configure the appropriate settings.



    Modify the location where ContentStore emails are stored

    1. Under Cache Settings, click Change Cache Directory.
    2. In the browser, go to the folder to where you want to relocate the local cache.

      Note: The cache location cannot be a subdirectory of the original cache directory. Also, it cannot contain any cache files.

    3. Click the folder, and then click OK.

    Delete all of the data in your local cache

    • Under Cache Settings, click Recreate Cache Files, and then click OK.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Microsoft Outlook.

Last modified: 8/17/2020 8:13:16 PM