Browsing and Restoring Using Filters

Does Not Apply To:

  • Exchange Public Folder Archiver Agent
  • FlexFrame for Oracle
  • Image Level Agent
  • Macintosh File System Agent
  • NDMP Agent
  • Notes Database Agent
  • Notes Document Agent
  • Oracle Agent
  • Oracle Archiving
  • PostgreSQL Agent
  • SAP Oracle Agent
  • SharePoint Server Agent Document
  • SharePoint Server Agent Farm
  • SharePoint Server Agent Site Collections
  • Sybase Agent

The filters allow browsing the data as per the parameters specified. You can specify filters for filename, modified date, file size, stubbed files, failed files and folder size for the files you need to browse.

Use the procedure below to browse using the available filters:

  1. In the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > Agent.
  2. Right-click a backup set or a subclient, then click All Tasks > Browse and Restore.
  3. From the Restore Options dialog box, click the Filter tab.
  4. Select Add from Filter Criteria and choose a desired filter.

    If more than one filter is used in the browse request, the objects qualifying all the filters will be displayed in the browse results.

  5. Click View Content.

Last modified: 2/22/2019 7:15:48 PM