Requesting Download Access for a DR Backup SET Folder

Users other than the Cloud CommCell administrators can request the access to download the files in a DR backup SET folder.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Services Portal, and then click CommCell Dashboard.

    The Worldwide Dashboard page appears.

  2. Click CommCells in the left navigation.

    The CommCells page appears.

  3. Click the CommCell for which you want to view the DR backup SET folder.

    The CommCell Dashboard appears.

  4. In the Support & Services area, click the DR backup timestamp.

    The DR Backups page appears.

  5. For the SET folder you want to download the files for, in the Actions column, click the action button action_button, and then click Request access.

    The Request access dialog box appears.

  6. In the Comments box, enter the comments, and then click Submit.


An email notification about the request is sent to you and the Cloud CommCell administrators. If the company does not have a Cloud CommCell administrator, then the request is sent to Commvault administrators for approval.

Last modified: 9/3/2021 10:57:15 AM