Approving or Denying the Request for Download Access of the DR Backup SET Folders in a CommCell Environment

A Cloud CommCell administrator or a Commvault administrator can approve or deny the request sent by an user to allow download access for the DR backup SET folders in a CommCell environment.


  1. Open the email notification that you received to view and approve the download access request.
  2. Click the link in the email.

    The CommCells page appears with the Access requests dialog box open.

  3. To view the details of a request, click Details.
  4. To approve a request, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Approve.

      The Approve request page appears.

    2. To set expiration for the download access for the user, select Set access expiration, and then specify a date for expiration.
    3. (Optional) In the Comments box, enter comments.
    4. Click Submit.
  5. To deny a request, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Reject.

      The Reject request page appears.

    2. In the Comments box, enter comments.
    3. Click Submit.


An email notification about approval or denial of the request is sent to the users and to the Cloud CommCell administrators or the Commvault administrators who approved or denied the request.

Last modified: 9/3/2021 10:55:32 AM