Prerequisites For Metallic Cloud Storage

The following prerequisites are needed to setup Metallic Cloud Storage as a storage target in Commvault software:

CommServe Version

Commvault V11 with Feature Release 20 (11.20.22 or later)

MediaAgent Version

Commvault V11 with Feature Release 20 (11.20.0 or later)

License Requirements

The Metallic cloud storage service license is required to configure Metallic cloud storage.

In addition, you must accept the Metallic cloud storage service user agreement when you add the license. For more information about adding licenses and accepting the user agreement, see Adding a License in the Command Center.

See Also: License Administration for Metallic Cloud Storage.

Network Requirements

  • Outbound Connections

    For outbound connectivity, the following websites must be whitelisted before configuring Metallic Cloud Storage:

    • *.blob.core.windows.net in the CommServe Server. (All endpoints that contain.blob.core.windows.net must be whitelisted.)
    • login.microsoftonline.com in both the CommServe server and the MediaAgent.
    • api.mcss.metallic.io in both the CommServe server and the MediaAgent.

      For a list of IP addresses required by blob.core.windows.net and login.microsoftonline.com, see https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=56519.

      (api mcss.metallic.io just needs to be whitelisted.)

  • Azure ExpressRoute

    Azure ExpressRoute is supported.

    After opening the necessary endpoints and configuring the Metallic Cloud Storage library, contact Commvault Customer Support to setup the express route.

  • HTTP Proxy for CommServe Server

    If the CommServe server does not have direct access to the Internet, Configure an HTTP Proxy Server for the CommServe Computer.


Last modified: 8/27/2021 1:13:58 PM