Associating Search Engine Data to Exchange Mailbox Agent Index

The Exchange Mailbox Agent has a different mechanism for content indexing data. If you have Exchange data that was content indexed using the Search Engine and want to display this data with the new Exchange Mailbox Agent content indexed data in Compliance Search, then you must associate the older Search Engine data with the new index server for the Exchange Mailbox Agent.

Before You Begin

  • The Search Engine Cloud names must be the same as they appear in the CommCell Console.
  • After running the script, you must perform an IIS reset on the Web Server before you can view the data in Compliance Search.


  1. Log on to the CommServe computer and open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.
  2. At the Command Prompt window, go to software_installation_directory/Base and run the qlogin command to log on to the CommServe client.

    For example, to log on to a CommServe client named server1 with username user1, enter:

    qlogin -cs server1 -u user1 -p <password>

  3. Run the following command to associate the content indexing data with the new Exchange Mailbox Agent:

    qoperation execscript -sn QS_SetIndexSearchEngineAssoc.sql -si '{Mailbox Index, Journal Index}' -si '<Search Engine names>'

    Replace the parameter values with the following:

    • Mailbox Index: Use this parameter if you have the Exchange Mailbox Agent configured for mailbox data.
    • Journal Index: Use this parameter value if you have the Exchange Mailbox Agent configured for journal data.
    • Search Engine Names: A comma-separated list of the names for the Search Engines that contain the Exchange data. Enter the names as they appear in the CommCell Console. For example: 'ExchangeSearchEngine_01, ExchangeSearchEngine_02, ExchangeSearchEngine_03'.
  4. On the Web Server, reset Internet Information (IIS) services.


When you log in to Compliance Search and perform a search, the Mailbox Index or Journal Index under Search Engines contains the content indexing data from the list of search engines that you included.

Last modified: 2/14/2019 8:33:29 PM