Configuring User Groups for Case Manager

Case Manager is a feature within Compliance Search that enables Compliance Officers to collect data based on specific criteria. With Case Manager, data is collected in a case set and can be retained for compliance searches.

In addition to the configurations required for a user to access the Compliance Search page, the following steps must be completed before users can access, use, and share cases with other Case Manager users (Reviewers).

Before You Begin

Only users with access to the Compliance Search page can be given access to Case Manager. See Configuration - Compliance Officer.

We recommend creating a separate role with Case Manager permissions. However, you may also configure an existing role with Case Manager permissions. See User Administration and Security - Getting Started.


  • In the CommCell console, add the following permissions to a new or existing role:
    • Agent Management
    • Browse
    • Compliance Search
    • Data Protection/Management Operations
    • In Place Recover
    • Out of Place Recover
    • Storage Policy Management
    • View

    To enable users to use the schedule option in Case Manager, assign the following permission at the CommCell level:

    • Create Schedule Policy

    See User Administration and Security - Getting Started.

  • Associate entities to the Case Manager users. Only the agent, client, or subclient entities associated to the Case Manager users can be added as assets to a case. See User Administration and Security - Security Association Overview.
  • Associate the Case Manager user group to the storage policies that will be used for Case Manager. See Associating Users to a Storage Policy.

What to Do Next

Ensure that the data to be added to cases has been backed up and content indexed. See Configuring Data for Case Manager.

Last modified: 4/2/2019 9:16:07 PM