Compliance Search Review Sets

A review set is a group that is created by a Compliance Search user to collect potentially responsive data from the Compliance Search interface. Compliance Search users then analyze the items in a review set to determine whether or not the items are relevant.

How Review Sets Data Is Stored

In the current version, review set data is stored on the Index Store that is installed on the Web Server. The first time a user logs in to Compliance Search, the Index Server associated with the Index Store on the Web Server client is automatically configured with the review set role. If there is no Index Server for the Index Store, a new Index Server is automatically created by the system and configured with the review set role. The administrator does not have to perform any manual configuration from the CommCell console to enable review sets. However, in order to ensure the review sets function properly, the Web Server machine must meet certain requirements. See System Requirements - Compliance Search.

Considerations for Review Sets

Consider the following when using the newest features of Compliance Search Review Sets.

Changes to Index Server for Review Sets

Because review set data is stored on the Index Store installed on the Web Server, any changes to that Index Store client might render the data in review sets unavailable in Compliance Search. For example, if you deconfigure and then reconfigure the Index Store client where review set data is stored, then all of the review sets in Compliance Search will be empty for every Compliance Search user. If you accidentally deconfigure an Index Store client with the review set role enabled, contact your support team.

MediaAgent License Consumption

A license is not consumed by the Index Store client when the Review Set role for the Index Server is enabled. However, if the Index Store client is used for operations that are not related to Index Server, then a license is consumed.

Last modified: 2/14/2019 8:46:09 PM