Block-Based Backups

Can I restore block based backups to multiple ONTAP releases?

No. You can restore block based backup images up to one or two major ONTAP releases. It is highly recommended that you consult the NetApp documentation for limitation on block based backup restores.

Can I perform block based backups on file servers with versions prior to ONTAP 8.0?

It is required that you get an approval from NetApp in order to perform a block based backup on a file server running an ONTAP version prior to 8.0.

Can I perform the block based backup for an on-demand backup set?

You can perform the block backup for an On-Demand backup set. You must configure an On-Demand Backup Set for block backup. However, once you configure the On-Demand Backup Set for block backup, you cannot change the configuration and perform the regular backup for the On-Demand Backup Set.

Can I perform incremental or differential backup for a block based backup set?

Incremental and differential backups are supported on image backup sets with file servers running ONTAP 8.1.1 or higher. If you have an ONTAP version lower than 8.1.1, then only full backups are supported. 

  • To run incremental or differential backups for NetApp image backup sets (SMTape), the first full backup and all subsequent backups must be performed from a snapshot. The snapshot used for the full backup must be available on the volume to be able to run a differential backup. Similarly, the snapshot used for the previous backup must be available on a volume to be able to run an incremental backup. Therefore, the snapshot retention must be planned accordingly to allow the image tape backups to be successful.

When moving a snapshot to tape (backup copy), the user is not required to select the snapshot to use for the operation. When running a traditional SMTape backup, however, the snapshot name must be provided by the user in the Snapshot to Back Up field in the backup advanced options (see Snapshots to Back Up).

Last modified: 12/29/2020 9:09:39 PM