Basic File Search Options for Compliance Search

Use these options to perform basic file searches from the Compliance Search bar.

Basic Search Options


Search by Keyword

Type keywords into the search bar to search for files that contain any of the entered keywords anywhere in the text of the document.

Keyword searches are not case-sensitive. For example, searches that use the keywords monday or Monday return the same results.

Search by Exact Phrase

To search using an exact phrase, place quotation marks before and after the phrase.

For example, enter "today's meeting notes" in the search bar to view results that contain this exact phrase.

For information about searching using exact keyword matching (direct query), see Exact Keyword Matching.

Search by Location

To search for files within a particular location, type url: in lower-case, followed by the path of the directory.

For example, enter url: C\:\\temp to search for files within the Temp folder on the C: drive.

Search by Title

To search for files within a specific title, type conv: in lower-case, followed by the path of the title.

For example, enter conv: agenda to search for files with the title Agenda. You can also add quotation marks around the keywords to search by exact phrase.

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