• You can use parentheses "()" to group clauses to form sub queries. This can be very useful if you want to control the Boolean logic for a query  or you want to search using different fields. For example,
  • To search for "financial" or"calendar" and "data", you can search using the keyword (financial OR calendar) AND data
  • To search for emails from an employee XYZ and subject as Data Management Seminar, you can search using the keyword (from: XYZ) AND (conv: "Data Management Seminar")
  • Boolean queries without parentheses will be evaluated from left to right. For example, the following are equivalent:
  • financial OR calendar OR data AND marketing
  • (financial OR calendar OR data) AND marketing
  • ((financial OR calendar) OR data) AND marketing

Last modified: 9/10/2018 9:21:59 PM