Retain a Job in the Copy

You can retain a job in a copy and prevent it from getting pruned.

About This Task

All the available jobs in a storage policy copy will get pruned when the job meets the retention period configured on the storage policy copy.

If a job is manually retained, it will still be pruned as a result of the following operations:

  • Deletion of a backup set or instance/partition
  • Deletion of a storage policy
  • Deletion of a storage policy copy
  • The Overwrite Media option is enabled on the library
  • Deleting the contents of a media

Note: The retention time specified here, applies only to the selected job and does not apply to any dependent jobs. Therefore, you might not be able to restore the data available in the dependent backup jobs. For example, if you select an incremental backup for manual retention, then any associated full backups will not be retained for the extended period.

Applies To

Primary Copy, Synchronous Copy, Selective Copy, Snapshot Copy, Spool Copy, Parallel Copy, Inline Copy, Deferred Copy, and WORM Copy


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies | Storage Policies | <Storage Policy>
  2. Right-click the appropriate storage policy copy, point to View and then click Jobs.
  3. In the Job Filter for Storage Policy dialog box, clear the Specify Time Range check box, click OK.
  4. Right-click the appropriate  available job, and then click Retain Job.

    To select multiple jobs, hold down the Ctrl key and right click on the jobs.

  5. In the Manual Retention End Time for Job <ID> dialog box, select the appropriate options, and then click OK.
    • Select Infinite to not age the job.
    • Select Retain Until to retain the job on specific date and click down arrow to change the retention date.
    • Select Do Not Retain Job to not retain the job.
  6. Specify the retention end time in the Manual Retention End Time for Jobdialog box.

    Once a job has been manually retained, it will not be pruned during a data aging operation. It will be pruned when the manual retention time requirement has been met. Note that jobs can be held infinitely.

    The Retain By column in the right pane of the CommCell Browser displays the Retained by User status for the job.

Last modified: 11/6/2019 4:42:15 PM