Copy Properties - General

Use this dialog box to view or change the properties of a storage policy copy.

Copy Information

Allows you to select the properties of the copy.

  • Copy Name

    The name of the copy.

  • Primary Copy

    If selected, identifies this as the Primary copy for the storage policy. If cleared, this copy is a secondary copy.

  • Active

    If selected, this copy is enabled and can transfer data to/from the media.

    If cleared, the copy is disabled and data cannot be copied to the media. However, data can still be pruned even if it is not copied.

  • Selective Copy

    If selected, only full backups are copied from the primary copy to the secondary copy based on the criteria selected in the Selective Copy tab of the Copy Properties dialog box.

    If cleared, the copy is a synchronous copy which means that everything from the primary copy including full, differential, and incremental backups are copied to the secondary copy.

  • WORM Copy

    If selected, prevents the deletion of data that is not qualified for aging. Once enabled, WORM copy cannot be disabled and the data retention cannot be lowered on existing data.

  • Use Global Deduplication Policy

    Select this option to associate storage policy copy to a Global Deduplication Policy that is available in the list.

  • Enable Deduplication

    If selected, only one copy of a file is physically stored in the library and reference counts for subsequent copies of the file (found in subsequent data protection or auxiliary copy operations using this copy) is maintained. The reference counts are stored in a Deduplication Database which can be configured using the Deduplication tab of the Copy Properties dialog box.


    Deduplication can only be enabled:

    • Only during storage policy copy creation.
    • For storage policy copies associated with a disk library.
  • Use Global Secondary Copy Policy

    Select this option to associate storage policy copy to a Global Secondary Copy Policy that is available in the list.

    • Retention of Global Secondary Copy Policy

      The retention period that is configured for the Global Secondary Copy Policy to which the secondary copy is associated with is displayed here.

    • Override the retention settings for this copy

      Select this option if you want to configure different retention rules for this particular storage policy copy. Selecting this option will enable the Retention tab from where you can configure specific retention rules for this storage policy copy.

  • Calendar for Selective Copy and Extended Retention

    The calendar that will be used to calculate the time intervals by which data is copied during auxiliary copy operations and aged by extended retention rules during data aging operations. This option is available only if a custom calendar was created.

Default Destination

  • Library

    The name of the preferred library to which backup data from this copy is directed.

  • MediaAgent

    The MediaAgent defined for the destination library.

  • Drive Pool

    (Removable Media Library only)

    The drive pool name of the specified Library to which backup data for the Primary Copy is directed. (This information only applies if the specified Library is a removable media library.)

    Within a NAS storage policy, if the primary copy is using a NAS-attached drive pool, then any secondary copies within that storage policy can use either a NAS-attached drive pool, or a MediaAgent-attached library. However, all storage policy copies using NAS-attached drive pools, must always read from a storage policy copy using NAS-attached drive pools.

  • Scratch Pool

    (Removable Media Library only)

    The name of the scratch pool from which this storage policy copy obtains new media. (This information only applies if the specified Library is a removable media library.)


Enter relevant information about the copy.

Hardware Encryption (Direct Media Access: Via Media Password)

When selected, hardware encryption of data (with a copy of the encryption key stored in the media) will be enabled on all data paths with tape drives.

Note: Enable this option only when the drives associated with the data path support encryption. If this option is enabled and the hardware does not support encryption, jobs using the data path will fail.

This option will be displayed when a new storage policy copy is created. If necessary you can modify the option for each data path from the Data Path Properties dialog box available in the Data Paths tab.

Network Interface Pair

Displays the network interface pair that will be used for data transfer between the primary copy and this storage policy copy during the Auxiliary Copy operation.

This is not a configurable option. The Network Interface Pair is determined after configuration of the copy policy, and therefore, only visible in the storage policy copy properties window after configuration. (This information is not included in the Primary Copy properties.)

Protection Type

Allows you to select the type of protection for the storage policy copy. This option is applicable only for Snap Copy.

  • Vault/Backup

    Select this option to allow a secondary NetApp storage device to store SnapProtect snapshots. Multiple primary NetApp servers can backup data to this secondary storage device.

  • Mirror

    Select this option to mirror (or create a replica of) the complete contents of a volume to a destination volume or qtree. This replication solution can be used for disaster recovery purposes.

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