Copy Properties - Media

Use this dialog box to enable or disable multiplexing, and to enable or disable the Erase Media on Prune feature.

Optimize Media Usage

  • Combine Source Data Streams to n Streams

    Allows you to specify the number of streams that an auxiliary copy operation can be combined to. If one stream is selected, then the auxiliary copy operation will copy the data from all streams to one data stream. If cleared, the auxiliary copy operation will copy the data using multiple data streams.


    • The DB2, DB2 MultiNode and Sybase agents use same number of streams for restore operation that are used during backup even if Combined Streams option is configured on the storage policy copy.
    • If you are performing a restore operation from a secondary copy that has the Combined Source Data Stream option enabled:
  • Number of Silo streams

    By default, the system assigns one silo stream per copy. Select number of streams for silo copy that can be used for silo backup operation.

    Note that, these silo streams are based on the number of mount paths configured on the source disk library that contains the silo data.

    For example, if the disk library has 2 mount paths configured, and both the mount paths have volumes marked as full, you can configure the number of silo streams as 2. If you specify more number of silo streams, only 2 streams will be used during silo backup.

    To use more number of streams, use Multiplexing Factor option. Once enabled and you have specified multiplexing factor of 2 with 2 silo streams, then 4 streams will be used (that is., 2 for each mount path).

  • Enable Multiplexing

    If selected, data protection operations of multiple data streams can be run concurrently to the same media. If disabled, data protection operations to the same media must be run individually. An Auxiliary Copy can be configured with Data Multiplexing when the source copy is enabled for Deduplication. 

    • Multiplexing Factor

      Select how many data streams from this storage policy are to be backed up concurrently to the same media.

  • Use Device Streams Rather than Multiplexing if possible

    If selected, the data streams are copied to each available drives first and then fills up the used up drives (spill and fill). If disabled, all the data streams are copied to one drive and once it is filled up, moves to the next drive (fill and spill). However, in case of Oracle jobs, if the Enable Multiplexing for Oracle option is not selected from the Job Management (General) dialog in the Control Panel window, then enabling/disabling this option will only allow the data streams to be copied to each available drives first and then fills up the used drives (spill and fill).

Write to a Different Library Compared to Source Copy

Click to prevent a job from being copied to the same library during auxiliary copy operations.

Erase Media

  • Mark Media to be Erased After Recycling

    If selected, for the storage policy copy using removable media (tape media), the media will be marked for erase, when the media is recycled. 

    Note that the Erase Spare Media operation must be initiated to actually erase the contents of these media.

    This option is available only for tape libraries, and not applicable for storage policy copies with destinations pointing to disk, cloud or stand-alone libraries.

Enable Media Refresh

Select the option to enable media refresh for the copy. Use the following options to specify the criteria.

  • n months after the media were written

    Select the number of months. Media that were not written to in the specified number of months will be picked up for refresh.

  • n months before the media is aged

    Specify the number of months. Media with specified number of months or more before aging will be picked up for refresh.

  • n % or less media capacity is used

    Select the option and specify the media capacity in percentage. Media with data less than or equal to this capacity will be picked up for refresh.

  • Media retirement threshold is exceeded

    Select this option if you wish to refresh media that exceeded the retirement threshold.

  • Mark refreshed appendable media active for new data

    Select this option to mark the media that are partially written in a media refresh job as active to write data for backup jobs and auxiliary copy operations.

Last modified: 7/25/2019 6:11:17 AM