Creating a WORM Copy

WORM Copy is an option that prevents the deletion of data that is not qualified for aging. The expiration date for the read-only lock is set to match the data retention time established in the storage policy copies. These archive files cannot be modified or deleted by any user or application until the specified retention date. Once the retention expires, the system deletes the archives as part of Data Aging.

  • 1 - Use this value to enable the WORM copy option.
  • 2 - Use this value if you do not want to change the configuration for the WORM copy option. If the option is disabled, it remains disabled. If the option is enabled, it remains enabled.

Once you enable the WORM copy option, you cannot reset it.

  1. Download the sp_copycreation.xml file and save it on the computer from where the command will be executed.
  2. Execute the following command from the software_installation_directory/Base folder after substituting the parameter values.

    qoperation execute -af <downloaded location>\sp_copycreation.xml -storagePolicyName 'xxxxx' -copyName 'xxxxx' -wormCopy 1


    qoperation execute -af <downloaded location>\sp_copycreation.xml -storagePolicyName 'SP1' -copyName 'Copy1' -wormCopy 1

Last modified: 10/12/2018 8:32:05 PM