Backup Agents

Backup is the foundation of a comprehensive data protection and management strategy. Commvault software offers seamless and efficient backup and restore of data and information in your enterprise from any operating system, database, and application. Commvault software builds on this foundation by integrating application awareness with hardware snapshots, indexing, global deduplication, replication, search, and reporting, all within a single platform.

Agents are software modules that are installed on computers to access and protect data. The backup and recovery system uses agents to interface with file systems, applications, and databases to facilitate the protection of data on production systems.

File System Backup and Recovery

File system backups provide the fundamental data protection strategy for any environment. File backups are supported for all major operating systems and include inherent file system capabilities based on the operating system being protected.

Application Backup and Recovery

Application protection uses application-aware backup agents to provide consistent point-in-time protection for application data. Granular application protection for Exchange, SharePoint, IBM Notes, and more facilitates flexible data protection strategies and simplified recovery methods.

Database Backup and Recovery

Database protection also uses application aware agents to provide a simplified end-to-end backup solution for database environments of any size. Database agents intelligently quiesce databases when needed, and provide robust and comprehensive backup and recovery with significant speed and performance, and efficient use of disk and tape drives. These agents also assist in full system rebuilds and eliminate recovery failures.

Last modified: 1/3/2018 5:01:17 PM