Exporting File System Backups as CIFS, SMB, and NFS Shares

The Commvault 3DFS solution allows you to export the backup data as NFS or CIFS shares, so you can use the Windows Explorer, PowerShell, or command line to copy the files for restoring data.

Key Features

  • Access backup data at a point or over time from the network clients, even if they do not have the Commvault software.
  • Simplified browse and restore operations because the exported backup data is available as a regular file system.
  • Ensure data integrity by keeping the 3DFS share is always up to date with the most recent backup data.
  • Ability to easily manage the 3DFS shares from the CommCell Console.
  • Control end-user access to 3DFS shares by enabling access control on the client data.


The 3DFS documentation uses the following terminology:

3DFS server / Network storage server

The server component that exports the backup data on the MediaAgent as an NFS or CIFS share

NFS client

The client where the exported NFS share is mounted

FSM type

The file system module type number


To share the backup data as an NFS share or CIFS share


To delete the NFS share or CIFS share

Dangling stub

A stub that does not have a source file

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