DB2 Restore Examples Using the DB2 Command Line Interface

Use the DB2 command line interface to perform Commvault restores when the Commvault interface does not support the commands or options, or when you do not want to use the CommCell Console interface.

Note: If you run DB2 v10.5 FP8 or later, you must open an additional session when you perform a restore from an online backup.

Commvault supports the following DB2 command line restores:

  • An in-place restore
  • An in-place restore to the end of the logs
  • A point-in-time restore
  • A recovery of the database
  • An in-place restore by using a history file
  • A restore to the same instance
  • A restore to a different instance in the same client
  • A restore to a different database on the same client
  • A restore to a different client
  • A restore from a secondary copy
  • A restore that uses multiple streams
  • A query and restore of the data and log backup images to a disk

To learn more about using the DB2 command line with Commvault, we recommend that you explore the examples or code snippets.

Last modified: 12/18/2019 7:09:50 PM