DB2 Command Line Example: Restoring with Multi-Streams

You can perform a restore with multiple streams.

Note:  You must use the same number of sessions that were used when you performed the multi stream backup. This is the num_backup_sessions parameter in the Performing Multi-Stream Backups procedure.


Note: The backup image timestamp is 14 characters. It has the following format:


  • yyyy - the year
  • mm - the 2 digit month representation (01-12)
  • dd - the day
  • hh - the hour in 24-hour clock format (00-23)
  • mm  - the minute (0-59)
  • ss - the second (0-59)

On the command line, type the following command:

db2 restore db <database_name> load '/opt/Commvault/Base/libDb2Sbt.so' open # sessions taken at <backup_image_timestamp>


db2 restore db test_database load '/Commvault/Base/libDb2Sbt.so' open 2 sessions taken at 20130817152658


Last modified: 7/10/2018 3:00:15 PM