DB2 Table Restore Options

Use this dialog box to choose the import options for table restore:

Generate Authorization DDL

Generate the Data Definition Language (DDL) authorization statements for the tables.

Specify additional db2look parameters

Add additional parameters to the DDL statements.

For additional information on db2look, go to the DB2 Knowledge Center, db2look.

Import Options

Lists the options for importing the tables.

Do not Import

Export the table and leave it in the staging area.

Import to Source DB

Import the table to the source database.

Port Number

Use a port number for DB2 TCP/IP communication other than the default.

Import to a different DB

Import the table to a different database from the one where you performed the backup.

Import Destination Computer

The host that the tables are restored to.

Import Destination Instance

The DB2 auxiliary instance that the tables are restored to. The instance must be configured in the destination CommCell Console.

Import Database Name

The DB2  database name.

User and Password

The DB2 user credentials for the destination database user that performs the table restore.

Port Number

Use a port number for DB2 TCP/IP communication other than the default.

Drop Table for Import

Delete the existing tables from the destination database before the tables are imported.

Save As Script

Click to open the Save As Script dialog, which allows you to save this operation and the selected options as a script file (in XML format). The script can later be executed from the Command Line Interface using qoperation execute command.

When you save an operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding XML parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters.

Last modified: 3/19/2018 3:17:42 PM