Relinking the Informix Instance

After you install the Informix Agent, run the Ifx_install script to create the paths for the Informix instance.


  • Go to the iDataAgent directory inside the Commvault install folder, and then on the command line type:



[root@test /]# . /opt/informix/ol_informix1210.ksh
[root@test /]# cd /opt/commvault/iDataAgent
[root@test iDataAgent]# ./Ifx_install.sh
Installing Commvault Systems, Inc. Commvault Onbar.....
Do you wish to relink informix instance now? (n/[y])
Please enter INFORMIX_USER ID [informix]:
Please enter user group for informix [informix]:
Please enter INFORMIXDIR directory [/opt/informix]:
Please enter the ONCONFIG environment variable [onconfig.ol_informix1210]:
Please enter the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable [ol_informix1210]:
Please enter the BAR_BSALIB_DIR [/opt/informix/lib]:
CXDIR:/opt/commvault/Base, IFXLIBPATH:/opt/informix/lib
Updating Onbar Version Database
INFORMIXDIR=/opt/informix INFORMIXSERVER=ol_informix1210 ONCONFIG=onconfig.ol_informix1210
Put "BAR_BSALIB_PATH /opt/informix/lib/ibsad001.<xx>" into configuration file onconfig.ol_informix1210.
Replace <xx> with the shared library file extension,
e.g., ibsad001.so is for SOLARIS, ibsad001.sl is for HP
Do you wish to relink another informix instance now? (y/[n])
Installation complete. If you wish to install other Informix instances, please execute /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/Ifx_install.sh after installation.

Last modified: 8/10/2020 7:51:21 AM