Quick Start Guide

You can use this Quick Start Guide to set up a simple CommCell environment and to perform basic data protection and recovery operations, which might be useful as a proof of concept or in a test environment. This guide is not intended to be used to deploy the software in a production environment without careful planning. If you are deploying the software in a production environment, see Installations.

Before You Begin

To gain an understanding of the general concepts and capabilities of the software, review the overview information about the software:

Quick Start Process

  1. Installing a CommServe and MediaAgent on a computer. The Windows File System Agent is automatically installed as part of the CommServe installation.
  2. Accessing the CommCell environment using the CommCell Console.

    For more information about the CommCell Console, see CommCell Console - Basic.

  3. Configuring a storage device for the data you back up.
  4. Creating a subclient, defining the data to back up, and creating a storage policy to map the backed up data from its original location to the storage device you configure.
  5. Backing up data from the client computer.
  6. Restoring data back to the client computer.

Performing these steps will give you a better understanding of the basic data protection operations of the software.

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