Considerations for Configuring an Exchange Database Backup in a DAG Environment

Applies to: Exchange 2010 or later




Run the backup job from a specific node

You can choose to back up from:

  • The active node only.
  • The passive node, but use an active node if a passive node is not available.
  • The passive node only.
  • A node that is selected manually.

Perform an integrity check

Microsoft does not recommend integrity checks for DAG environments. See Can I skip the database consistency check for fast recovery snapshots?

In addition, when you configure a backup job, the Perform Consistency Check check box in the Advanced Backup Options dialog box is cleared by default for DAG environments. However, if you must perform an integrity check, you must select the Perform Consistency Check check box.

Configuring Consistency Checks for Exchange Database Backups

Backup public folder databases

Configure all your databases into a single subclient.

Creating User-Defined Subclients

Optimize throughput

Configure multistreamed backups.

Multistreaming backups works best on high-performance hardware. The more streams that you configure, the higher the demand on the hardware. Calculate the maximum number of streams that your DAG environment should have based on how its size and structure. Monitor and tune the number of streams to achieve optimal backup performance.

Multistreaming Backups for Exchange Databases

Distribute the DAG environment geographically

Back up your Exchange database locally by using a LAN-free data path.

Truncate logs

  • Yes: Run a standard backup job.
  • No: Run a Copy Backup job.

Circular logging is enabled on one or more databases in the Exchange environment

When you configure the schedule for the backup job, select Convert job to full for databases that have circular logging enabled on the Data tab of the Advanced Backup Options dialog box.

When this option is selected, during an incremental or differential backup, if there are databases that have circular logging enabled, the backup for those databases is converted to full. The conversion to full applies only to those databases that have circular logging enabled.

When this option is not selected, the backup job goes into a pending state if there are databases that have circular logging enabled.

Advanced Backup Options (Data)

Note: The member servers of the DAG node should be able to connect to each other using the Commvault ports.

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