Back Up Exchange Databases

The following backup types are available for Exchange databases:

You can perform backups from the command line interface.

What Is Backed Up

  • Exchange databases and transaction logs
  • Information and Public Folder databases

Note: You can back up Exchange databases that are hosted on the ReFS (Resilient File System) drive.

What Is Not Backed Up

  • System state data
  • Active Directory data
  • Personal Information Stores (PST files)
  • Personal Address Books
  • Offline folders

These items can be backed up using the Windows File System Agent.

Database Failures, an Unavailable Database, or Database Failover

A database failure could occur during a backup in a DAG environment or standard environment for several reasons (for example, the database copy becomes unavailable, or the connection to the network is lost). In this case, the backup of the database fails, but the overall backup job continues. During the next incremental backup, the backup of the failed database reverts to a full backup.

However, if a database failure occurs in the middle of a cycle, the next backup job remains an incremental backup.

Last modified: 8/8/2019 6:06:10 AM