Back Up Farm for the SharePoint Server Agent

You can back up the complete SharePoint Farm data on your client computer, and restore the data when required.

Types of Backup

The following backup types are available through the SharePoint Server Agent:

  • Full
  • Differential (For content databases it is a transaction log backup, for other SharePoint components it is a differential backup.)

Supported Backups

The SharePoint Server Agent supports backup of the following components:

  • Farm Components
  • Content Databases
  • Web Applications
  • Service Applications
  • BLOBs

Unsupported Backups

The SharePoint Server Agent does not support backup operations of Web Front End data like SharePoint hive, IIS settings and SharePoint registry entries.

To perform backup of the above components along with farm, create a pseudo client.

For more information, see Creating a Pseudo Client.

Last modified: 11/20/2018 5:26:44 AM