Document Subclients for the SharePoint Server Agent

A default backup set and a default subclient are automatically created during the installation of the SharePoint Server Agent. These are designed to protect all of the data on the client. If this is all you need to accomplish, you do not need to create or modify any subclients.

You can also create a user-defined subclient to manage and back up specific databases and documents.

For information about creating a user-defined subclient, see Creating a User-Defined Document Subclient.

For general information about subclients, the different types, and how they fit within the logical structure of a CommCell Console, see Subclients Overview.

Note: Do not re-configure the content of the default subclient. This would disable auto-discovery of content. As a result, some data might not get backed up or scanned.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:59:41 PM