SQL Database Application Migration to the Cloud

Applies to: SQL Server on Windows

You can use the Commvault SQL database application migration feature to move your database to the cloud.

When to Migrate a SQL Database

Use the database application migration feature in the following scenarios:

  • When you move or retire your data center
  • When you want to create a test or a demonstration system for the production system
  • When you want to store your database in the cloud

Automated Processes

The Commvault software automates the following processes:

  • Capturing the application server physical configuration
  • Protecting the application data
  • Provisioning the cloud instance and storage
  • Restoring the data
  • Validating the restore

Required Components

The following components are required for SQL database application migration:

  • An Amazon EC2 account that has an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and an EC2 instance. These are the destinations for the application and data.
  • The SQL agent, which is the access point for your SQL database that is the migration source.
  • The VSA agent for Amazon, which is the access point for the Amazon EC2 instance.

Last modified: 3/30/2021 3:42:10 PM