SQL Database Application Migration to the Cloud

Applies to: SQL Server on Windows

You can use the Commvault SQL database application migration feature to move your database to the cloud.

Use the database application migration feature in the following scenarios:

  • When you move or retire your data center
  • When you want to create a test or a demonstration system for the production system
  • When you want to store your database in the cloud

The Commvault software automates the following processes:

  • Capturing the application server physical configuration
  • Protecting the application data
  • Provisioning the cloud instance and storage
  • Restoring the data
  • Validating the restore

The following components are required for SQL database application migration:

  • An Amazon EC2 account that has an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and an EC2 instance. These are the destinations for the application and data.
  • The SQL agent, which is the access point for your SQL database that is the migration source.
  • The VSA agent for Amazon, which is the access point for the Amazon EC2 instance.

Last modified: 3/18/2020 4:36:42 PM