Restoring the Latest Backup Cycle from SQL Management Studio

You can use the Commvault Plug-in for SQL Management Studio to restore the latest backup cycle of a single, selected database.

Note: Not all advanced restore options are available when restoring the latest backup cycle of a single, selected database. For example, options like Step Restore, Transaction Log Marks and Partial Restore are not available.


  1. Open SQL Management Studio.
  2. In Object Explorer, right-click the database that you want to restore, and then click Data Protection Tasks > Restore > Current Database.
  3. If you are performing the restore operation for the first time after opening the SQL Management Studio, you are prompted for credentials.

    Enter your user name and password to log on to the CommServe.

  4. In the Restore Screen dialog box, choose how you want to restore the data.

    For more information about general restore options, see SQL Restore Options (General).

  5. Optional: Further customize the restore operation. Click the Advanced tab to set up the restore operation.

    For more information about the Advanced Options, see Advanced Restore Options.

  6. Click Restore.

While the restore job is running, you can monitor the restore job progress.

Last modified: 9/12/2018 1:21:01 PM