Configuring a Subclient for Windows File System Agent Block-Level Backups Using IntelliSnap

By default, block-level backups are performed using the native snapshot engines. You can also use hardware snapshot engines to perform block-level backups. For more information about block-level backups, see Block-Level Backups.

Before You Begin


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > Client.
  2. Right-click the client and then click Properties.
  3. In the Client Computer Properties dialog box, click Advanced.
  4. In the Advanced Client Properties dialog box, select the EnableIntelliSnap check box, and click OK.
  5. From the CommCell Browser, expand ClientComputers > Client > File System.
  6. Right-click the backup_set,point to All Tasks, and then click New Subclient.
  7. Click Advanced.
  8. In the Advanced Subclient Properties dialog box, click the Advanced Options tab.
  9. On the Advanced Options tab, select the Optimized for File system with large number of small files (Block-LevelBackup) check box.
  10. To install the block filter driver, select the Install block filter driver check box. You can choose to restart your computer immediately or later.


    • This operation is irreversible and you cannot uninstall block filter driver at a later time. All backups run as Full backups until you restart your computer.
    • The Install block filter driver check box is displayed for the first subclient you configure. Once you click OK, the option will not be displayed in any subclient residing under the client computers node.
  11. To perform a faster file-level browse and restore, select the Create File level Index during backup check box.
  12. On the IntelliSnap Operations tab, select the IntelliSnap check box.
  13. Select a Snap Engine from the Available Snap Engines list. For more information, click the array name you want to configure from Supported Storage Arrays.
  14. From the Use Proxy list, select the MediaAgent where IntelliSnap and backup copy operations will be performed.

    When performing IntelliSnap backups using the proxy, verify that the proxy server is either installed with the same operating system version, or later, as the client computer.

  15. If you want to perform backup copy operations in a different MediaAgent, click Use Separate Proxy for Snap to Tape, and then select the MediaAgent from the Proxy list.
  16. Select additional options as appropriate for subclient creation and click OK.

Last modified: 8/6/2018 10:05:03 PM