Browsing Backed Up Data for Windows File System Agent from the Command Line Interface

You can now perform Browse operations using Command Line interface. The input is taken from an XML file and the output is entered in another XML file.


The following procedure is an example of Browsing data between a specific time range using a command line XML.

  1. Download the input_template.xml file and save it on the computer from where the command will be run.
  2. Modify the XML template as per your setup.

    The following example lists the mandatory parameters and sample values.

    <databrowse_BrowseRequest opType="Browse">
    <entity commCellId="2" clientName="imindexing33" subclientName="SC2" backupsetName="commandline" appName="Windows File System" _type_="0"/>
    <paths path="E:\SuperBrowse\SC2\"/>
    <queries queryId="0" type="DATA">
    <timeRange fromTime="Dec 31, 1969" toTime="Nov 12, 2013"/>
    <options restoreIndex="true"/>
    <mode mode="2"/>
    <paging skipNode="0" pageSize="1000" firstNode="0"/>
    <ma clientName="indexingstorage"/>
    <user userName="admin"/>
    <advOptions copyPrecedence="0"/>

  3. Change the XML element values.
  4. Run the following command from the software_installation_directory/Base folder:

    Make sure to provide the name and path of the output xml file in which you want to retrieve your browse results.

    qlist backupfiles -af input_template.xml -dpath output_template.xml

  5. Verify the results in the output_template.xml.

Supported Elements and Possible Values

The following table displays the various command line elements, values of elements, and options that are used in the above XML query:


Element Values

Description of the element value


The following values can be used to define the given parameter. For the above example Browse has been selected.

  • Browse
  • Find
  • Versions
  • IndexPrediction

This parameter is used to define the type of operation that you would perform during the XML request.


The following values need to be defined for this parameter:

  • appName="Windows File System"
  • backupsetName="backupset1"
  • clientName="client1"
  • subclientName="subclient1"

appName: This the type of Agent on which the Browse operation is performed and the value can be obtained form APP_iDAtype table.

backupsetName: Name of the backupset on which the browse operation will be performed. If no name is specified, defaultBackupSet is used.

clientName: Name of the client to which the backupset belongs.

subclientName: Subclient that was backed up. The browse operation will yield results on this subclient.



The path to the actual folder level on which the browse operation will be performed.

You must provide the exact path to the folder which contains the backed up files.

For example:

E:\superbrowse\SC2. All data under the SC2 folder will be displayed.

Similarly, for find operations, specify the path using wildcard.

For example:



The following values can be used to define the given parameter:

  • Latest
  • Point in time
  • TimeRange

The above example uses TimeRange. The Time range can be specified in the below formats:

<timeRange fromTime="2013-11-12 05:00:00" toTime="2013-11-12 11:40:29"/>

<timeRange fromTime="Dec 31, 1969" toTime="Nov 12, 2013"/>

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