Preparing for Bare Metal Recovery Using 1-Touch for Windows

The 1-Touch Recovery feature recovers a crashed computer in the least amount of time. The operating system of the crashed computer is automatically rebuilt. It is not required to reinstall the individual software packages or operating systems manually.

You can recover computers with defective components such as inaccessible volumes or crashed disks. Depending on client environment, you can choose to perform an interactive or a non-interactive restore.

Step 1: Prepare for Recovery

Download the ISO file from the Cloud Services Web site. For more information, see Preparing for Recovery - 1-Touch for Windows.

Important: The ISO file must be of the same service pack version as that of the CommServe computer and the MediaAgent computer.

Step 2: Decide the Type of Restore You Want to Perform

You can perform interactive and non-interactive restores.  Determine which of the following conditions apply to your environment, and review their requirements:

Important: If you have files that reside in a volume configured to use Microsoft deduplication, then the data is restored in a hydrated state and deduplication is disabled, after the 1-Touch Recovery operation finishes.

Last modified: 10/17/2019 4:13:46 PM