Cloning a Computer using 1-Touch Recovery (Non-Interactive)

Cloning is the process of creating a replica of a client computer from its backup. You can create a clone of a client computer during 1-Touch restore.

This feature allows the user to seamlessly set up a cloned computer with a different hostname/ IP configuration while the source computer is still up and running. This comes handy when setting up a standby server during disaster recovery testing.

If protection for the cloned machine is required, backup schedule(s) need to be set up. The settings on the source client such as the subclient and backupset options, schedules, storage policies etc. will not be preserved on the cloned client. If required, additional iDataAgent can be installed and configured from the CommCell Console.


Before creating a clone of the client computer, ensure that the client computer has only one instance of Windows File System iDataAgent installed on it.

Non-Interactive Restore

Follow the steps given below to create a clone of a client computer:

  1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to <Client>
  2. Right-click the <Client> and click All Tasks | 1-Touch Recovery Point.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click the Advanced tab.
  5. Select the Clone Machine check box.
  6. Type the client name for the clone in the New Client Name box.

    The Client Name is the name of the client which will be created for the clone computer in the CommServe. Ensure that the client name is not used by any other client in the CommServe.

  7. Type the name of the clone computer in the New Hostname box. Do not enter the fully qualified domain name or the IP  address of the computer.
  8. Click Finish and save the response file.
  9. Perform the Non-interactive 1-Touch restore on a computer different than the client computer.

Last modified: 1/11/2018 7:20:43 PM