Configuring a Library Shared across a SAN Environment

In a SAN environment, the drives in a library can be dynamically shared between the file servers and MediaAgents.

Control of the library can be configured from the file servers and the MediaAgents. If the filer server or MediaAgent controlling the arm is unavailable, another filer server or MediaAgent can control the arm. For information about changing the active library controller, see Change the Active Library Controller.


  1. Configure the shared library using a file server.

    For more information refer to Configure Libraries and Drives Attached to a NAS Storage Server Using Automatic Detection.

  2. On the Storage tab, click Expert Storage Configuration.
  3. Under Available MediaAgents, select the MediaAgent, and then click Add.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Start, and then click Detect/Configure Devices.

    The Detect Library dialog box appears.

  6. Click SCSI Devices.
  7. Select Automatically Create DDS Drivepools, and then click OK.

    After the detection runs, a message appears.

  8. Click OK.
  9. Note the log file contents and click Close to proceed.
  10. The devices appear in the Expert Storage Configuration window.

    New detected devices are not configured at this point, and the configuration information will not be saved if you exit from the Expert Storage Configuration window.

  11. Right-click the library and then click Configure.
  12. Click Library and all drives to configure all the drives within the library.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click Yes.
  15. Select Default Media Type from the list, and then click Yes.
  16. The status of the library changes to Configured.

    If you chose to configure all associated drives, the status of the drives also changes to Configured.

    The Libraries tab provides the physical view of the devices (library and drives).

Last modified: 3/4/2019 7:19:53 PM