Discovering Instances Using the Commvault Command Line Interface

Use XML to discover Oracle database instances. Run the operation from the command line, or automate configuration by combining command line operations in a script.

The XML parameters can be included in the XML file, or specified on the command line when they frequently change. See Command Line - Syntax.

By default, when you discover or create an Oracle instance, the Commvault software automatically creates a default data subclient and a default archive log subclient.

Best Practice: Do not modify the default archive log subclient properties.

If you don't want the software to create the default archive log subclient, you can disable this feature by setting an additional setting. For more information, see Disabling Automatic Archive Log Subclient Creation.You can configure the data and log storage policies for the agent when you manually discover or automatically discover instances. The Commvault software assigns these storage policies to all the instances and default subclients that you discover.

The Commvault software assigns the storage policy to the discovered instance and default subclients by analyzing the following configuration information:

  • The storage policies configured for the discovered instances in the Oracle agent properties.

    The data storage policy is assigned to the discovered instance for command line data backup and to the Default subclient for data backups. The log storage policy is assigned to the discovered instance and to the Default archive log subclient for log backups.

  • The storage policies that are configured for a previously discovered Oracle instance.
  • The storage policy for the Default subclient of the DefaultBackupSet on the File System Agent agent.
  • If the client computer is associated with a Plan from the Command Center, the Plan is assigned as the storage policy for data and log backups on the discovered instance and the default subclients.
  • If there is no assigned storage policy in any of the above configuration information, you must add the storage policy to the Default subclient manually.


On the Oracle Agent host:

  1. Run the qlogin command to log on to the CommServe computer.
  2. Download the DiscoverInstance_Template.xml file and save it on the computer from where the command is executed.
  3. Open the DiscoverInstance_Template.xml file, add your specific parameters and save the file.

    For information on supported instance XML parameters, see Available XML Parameters for Oracle Instance Configuration.

  4. On the command line, go to the Software_Installation_Directory/Base, and type the command.

    qoperation execute -af DiscoverInstance_Template.xml -clientName '<client_name>'

  5. Once the job completes, run the qlogout command to log off the CommServe computer.

What to Do Next

  1. Modify the Oracle Instance with the following updates:
    • Add a Command Line Storage Policy when the File System Agent has not been installed.
    • Specify the Oracle Home and TNS Admin directories
    • Specify the Oracle Connect String
    • Specify the Catalog Connect
    • Disable the RMAN crosscheck
    • Turn on the control file autobackup
  2. Configure Subclients for Oracle.


Last modified: 3/19/2018 1:19:24 PM