Configuring Subclients for Oracle Datafiles and Tablespaces Backups

Oracle datafiles store the physical data. Oracle tablespaces contain the logical information (indexing and mapping) for datafiles.

You can create subclients for specific datafiles and tablespaces that frequently change or have a different backup schedule than the entire database.

Before You Begin


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers >client> Oracle.
  2. Right-click the instance, point to All Tasks and then click New Subclient.

    The Create New Subclient dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, enter the Subclient Name.
  4. On the Content tab.
    • Select the Online Subset option.
    • Click Yes on the Warning dialog box.
    • From the Current Database View, select the database objects to include.
    • Select the Backup Control File check box to include the control file in the backup.
    • Select the Backup SP File check box to include the SP file in the backup.
  5. On the Storage Device tab from the Data Storage Policy list, select the storage policy that the software uses for data backups.
  6. Optional: Select the subclient options.

    Run scripts before or after the backup

    Uniquely identify the backup

    Exclude tablespaces from the backup

    Have the Commvault software automatically validate backup jobs performed on this subclient

  7. Click OK to close the Create New Subclient dialog box.

What to Do Next

Last modified: 3/23/2018 7:00:18 PM