Additional Configuration for Oracle

You can perform additional configuration:

  • Override the default file permissions on the ORASBT.log file, which are set to 777 to support a multiple ORACLE_HOME environment where the user-id and group-id can be different for each home.
  • Send the database instance name to the pre-process and post-process scripts
  • Assign database administrator users to a group with the correct capabilities
  • Modify the Oracle connect string
  • Set the data storage policy on the default subclient for discovered Oracle database instances
  • Set the log backup, and command line backup storage policies on a discovered instance, with no configured log backup and command line backup policies
  • Prevent RMAN Command Line scripts from deleting the Commvault backups, when you use the CommCell Console data aging feature
  • Set the RMAN backup piece to unavailable
  • Enable backups from the Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Specify the media parameters for RMAN
  • Synchronize the recovery catalog and control file
  • Create reports to view Oracle tablespaces details like max space, used space, free space and creation time for a given Oracle instance and client name
  • Disable RMAN warnings
  • Enable multiple backup copies
  • Configure subclients to validate backups
  • View Oracle RMAN pieces
  • Customize and configure the Oracle backup piece format
  • Relink the SBT library

Last modified: 2/28/2018 12:22:49 AM