Enabling Automatic Backups of the Oracle Control File at the Subclient Level

Applies to: Oracle and Oracle RAC

Use this additional setting to override the automatic backups of control files on the instance level.

When you enable this additional setting and perform a backup on an Oracle subclient, the Commvault software ignores the control file automatic backup option that is set for the instance. If the subclient that you back up contains the control file, then  AUTO BACKUP CONTROLFILE ON is added to the backup script.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers.
  2. Right-click the client, and click Properties.
  3. On the Properties dialog box, click the Advanced button.
  4. On the Additional Settings tab of the Advanced Properties dialog box click Add.
  5. In the Add Additional Setting dialog box:
    1. In the Name box, type sCTRLFILE_AUTOBACKUP_ATSUBCLIENT.
    2. In the Category box, type OracleAgent.
    3. In the Type box, select String.
    4. In the Value box, enter Y.
    5. Click OK to close the Add Additional Setting dialog box.
  6. Click OK to close the Advanced Properties dialog box.

Last modified: 3/23/2018 7:45:29 PM