Marking an Oracle Backup Piece Status as Available

Mark an Oracle backup piece status as available in the recovery catalog and control file metadata, so you can use the backup piece in restores.


  1. Execute the following SQL query to retrieve the backup piece name. For additional information on building custom queries, see Build Your Own Reports.

    SELECT AF.jobId, AF.name 'backuppeice_name'
    FROM archFile AF
               INNER JOIN APP_Application A ON AF.appId = A.id
               INNER JOIN APP_Client C ON A.clientId = C.id
               INNER JOIN APP_InstanceName I ON A.instance = I.id
    WHERE A.appTypeId = 22
            AND C.name = 'clientname'
            AND I.name = 'instancename'

  2. Export the results to a csv file. For information on exporting a file, see Exporting and Saving Reports.
  3. On the RMAN command line, connect to the target database.
  4. On the RMAN command line, type the following command, after substituting the backup piece with the value from the SQL query.


    allocate channel for maintenance device type 'sbt_tape'
    PARMS="SBT_LIBRARY=<software_installation_path>, ENV=(CvClientName=clientname,CvInstanceName=Instancename)";
    change backuppiece ‘backuppiece _name’ available;


    allocate channel for maintenance device type 'sbt_tape;
    change backuppiece ‘backuppiece _name’ available;

Last modified: 3/28/2018 12:48:57 PM