Oracle Instant Clones

You can create Instant Clones from IntelliSnap snapshots or from backup copies made using volume copy with block-level backup.

The Oracle copy data management solutions require IntelliSnap, so configure the following items:

  • An IntelliSnap array
  • IntelliSnap on the Oracle client
  • IntelliSnap on the Oracle subclient

Creating an Instant Clone from an IntelliSnap Backup

You can create a thin copy of the source database by initiating an Instant Clone operation. This operation utilizes clone features of the underlying storage and the end-to-end steps are automated. For information about which arrays are supported, see Instant Clone for Applications. You can use similar steps for the method of a backup made using RMAN image copy to a snapshot-capable volume, followed by an IntelliSnap snapshot of the volume.

For NFS ObjectStore snapshots, the clone creation operation uses point-in-time views of the NFS ObjectStore.

Creating an Instant Clone from a Block-Level Backup Copy

The backup copy operation uses the Block-Level Backup interface to copy the snapshots created by IntelliSnap backups to the Commvault disk library. The format of these backups allows instant mounting and access to the data. These snapshot copies, which are stored on the Commvault disk library, are also represented as a snapshot and can be viewed from the List Snapshots option for the subclient. For more information about listing snapshots, see View Snapshot Details.

You can create a thin copy of the source database by initiating an Instant Clone operation and choosing the relevant copy name of the storage policy or plan to specify the clone source.

Last modified: 6/4/2020 7:01:13 PM