Oracle Redirected Restore File Name Variables

The following table specifies the variables you can use when you specify the file name for a redirected restore.




Note: This variable covers most cases.

This variable specifies a system-generated unique file name with the following format:


The %d variable specifies the database name. For example, data-D-prod_id-22398754_TS-users_FNO-7.


This variable specifies the file name without the fully qualified directory path. For example, the data file name /oradata/prod/financial.dbf becomes financial.dbf.

This variable preserves the names of the data files while you move them to different directory. You can use this variable when you create an image copies. The variable cannot be used for OMF data files or backup sets.


Specifies the absolute file number of the data file for which the new name is generated. For example, if data file 2 is duplicated, then %f generates the value 2.


This variable is optional and specifies the database ID (DBID).


This variable is optional and specifies the tablespace name.


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