Oracle Agent SBT Parameters

The following table defines the Oracle System Backup to Tape (SBT) parameters to use with the Oracle Agent.






The name of the Oracle System ID (SID).

This parameter is required only when one of the following conditions is true:

  • The Oracle instance is discovered or created from the command line and you did not perform a CommCell backup
  • The Oracle instance and database name are different



The name of the client defined in the CommCell Console.

Use this parameter in a clustered environment and set it to the virtual client name in the CommCell Console.



The name of theCommvault instance installed.

This parameter is optional.

When there are multiple software instances, the first installed instance is 'Instance001'.



The copy precedence of the backup storage policy copy that you want to restore.

Note: If you want to use a selective copy, make sure that you run an auxiliary copy and that the jobs are available on the copy.

If the data does not exist on the specified copy, the restore fails (even if the data exists on another copy of the same storage policy).

This parameter is optional.



The path to the media parameters file.

RMAN command line backups use storage policy and data path specified in the CommCell Console Oracle database instance by default.

You can override the CommCell Console parameters by specifying media and SBT parameters in the RMAN script.

For more information, see Specifying the Media Parameters for Oracle RMAN Command Line Operations.



The name of the source client defined in the CommCell Console, that contains the backup pieces for restores.

Use this parameter for cross-machine or duplicate restores in which you may have conflicting backup pieces between the two Oracle instances on different clients.



Use this parameter in command line restores. To have the OS user name in reports, use this variable and provide the user name. By default, this is the user that initiated the job for command line restores and shows as 'admin' in reports.



You must use this parameter when the CommCell Console authenticates the user that initiates the RMAN backup or restore job. For information on configuring CommCell Console authentication, see Enabling CommCell Console Authentication of Third Party Command Line Jobs.

The parameter value is the token file that you generate by running the qlogin command with the -f option. For information on running the qlogin command to generate a token file, see qlogin.

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