Disabling File Name Validation During an Oracle RAC Restore

By default, when you create a duplicate database, RMAN verifies the target datafiles for duplicate files (files sharing the same names). You can specify that no filename validation should be done during the restore. This may decrease the time taken for the restore job to run.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers > RAC client.
  2. Right-click the instance, then go to All Tasks > Browse and Restore.

    The Browse and Restore Options dialog box appears.

  3. Select Latest Backup, and then click the View Content button.
  4. Select the database, and then click the Recover All Selected button.

    The Oracle Restore Options dialog box appears.

  5. Click RMAN Duplicate DB, and then click Next.

    The Oracle RMAN Duplicate DB Options dialog box appears.

  6. On the General tab, select the Destination Client from the list.
  7. In the Duplicate To box, select the destination instance.
  8. Select Duplicate To. In the Pfile box, type the name of the startup parameter file for the duplicate database, or browse to the location.
  9. Select the No Filename Check check box.
  10. If you want the system to refer to the Recovery Catalog database unselect NO CATALOG. The following items are activated:
    1. In the Catalog Connect box enter the Oracle catalog connect string credentials. If the source instance uses '/' as the connect string (Instance Properties, Details tab, Connect String), use sys/<password>@servicename for the target database connect string.
      • Enter the catalog user name.
      • Enter the catalog user password.
      • Enter the Oracle service name.
  11. On the Stream tab, double click the number of streams to use for each Oracle RAC instance in the Stream column, and enter the number of streams.
  12. Click OK to begin the restore.

Last modified: 1/1/2020 3:25:31 PM