Configuring SAP for Oracle Subclients for Archive Log Backups

You use archive logs backups to recover database transactions that have been lost due to an operating system or disk failure or to recover lost database transactions.

You apply the archive logs to an online backup to recover the database.

Best Practice: Create separate subclients to back up log files because they are mandatory for recovering data.

Note: If the archive log destination is different than the default $SAPDATA_HOME/saparch location, set the <SID>_sSAPARCH Additional Setting to enable the CommCell Console backup to obtain the new SAPARCH location.
Archive log backups that you initiate from the CommCell Console use BRARCHIVE with the -OSC syntax and only permit one backup cycle. For more information, see the SAP note 214370, SAP NOTE 214370.

Before You Begin


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > SAP for Oracle.
  2. Right-click the instance, point to All Tasks and then click New Subclient.

    The Create New Subclient dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the General tab, in the Subclient name box, enter a name for the subclient.
  4. On the Content tab, clear the Data check box and then select interface, either util_file or util_file_online from the Backup Device.
  5. On the Log Backups tab:
    • Select the Backup Archive Log check box.
    • Optional: Select the Archive Delete check box to delete the logs after the backup completes.
    • Optional: Select the Disable Switch Current Log check box to disable log switching for the current redo log.
    • Optional: Select the Archive Log Second Copy check box to create a second copy of the archived offline redo log files.
  6. On the Storage Device tab, in the Log Storage Policy list, select the storage policy name for the log backups.
  7. Optional: Run scripts before or after the backup.

    You can choose to run the post-process script even if the backup job failed.

    On the Pre/Post tab:

    1. In the Pre-Backup Command box, type the full path name for the script.
    2. In the PostBackup Command box, type the full path name for the script.
    3. To run the post backup process regardless of the job's outcome, select the Run Post Process for all attempts check box.
  8. Click OK to close the Creating New Subclient dialog box.

Last modified: 2/28/2018 10:23:09 PM