Specifying the Media Parameters for BR*Tools Command Line Operations

BR*Tools command line backups use the storage policy and the data path that you specify in the CommCell Console SAP for Oracle database instance by default.

You can override the default parameters by specifying media and SBT parameters in the script and then run the script from the BR*Tools command line for backup and restore database operations.

You must associate the Data Path (MediaAgent, Library, Drive Pool) with the specified storage policy in the parameters file.


  1. Create a media parameters file with the required media parameters.

    You can also include the SBT Parameters in the parameters file. For information on the supported media and SBT parameters, see Supported Media Parameters.

    The parameter file format is:

    [<Parameter Name-1>]
    [<Parameter Name-2>]


    CommVault VirtualLib 276

  2. Create BRBBACKUP and BRBARCHIVE scripts and use the CvOraSbtParams environment variable to specify a path to the media parameters file.


    RMAN_UTIL Interface

  3. On the command line, type one of the following commands:

    UTIL_FILE Interface

    UTIL_FILE_ONLINE Interface

    RMAN_UTIL Interface

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