BR*Tools Example: Performing a SAP on Oracle Archive Log Backup

Perform an archive log backup by using the BRARCHIVE command.

You can use archive log backups to recover database transactions that have been lost due to an operating system or disk failure. Apply the archive logs to an online backup to recover a database.

By default, full backups include both data and archive logs, but you can also perform separate archive log backups.

Best Practice: Schedule an Oracle archive log backup every 20 minutes on busy databases.

For information on the BRBACKUP command options, go to the SAP Help website, Command Options for BRARCHIVE.

Before You Begin

  1. Add the CvInstanceName and CvClientName parameters to one of the following files:

    For UNIX configurations, the init<SID>.utl file is under the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory.

    For Windows configurations, the init<SID>.utl file is under the $ORACLE_HOME\database directory.

  2. On Windows configurations, run the BRBACKUP command with the –r option.
  3. If you use the util_file (BACKINT) interface, modify the init<SID>.utl file. For details on the parameters, see Supported SAP for Oracle Util File Parameters.
  4. Optional: To have the CommCell Console authenticate the job, configure the parameters for CommCell Console third-party job authentication.




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