BR*Tools Example: Restoring SAP on Oracle Control Files

Control files are required to recover a database to the current state. Restore control files in the following scenarios:

  • The control file is lost and you need to restore the backup repository contained in the control file.

If your database consists of multiple control files copies, you can replace a corrupted control file by manually copying an existing control file, and then restoring it.

You can find the backup id in the BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE (sapbackup/saparch detail) files.


The value after the #SAVED line is the backup id.

In the following examples, the backup IDs are '10117894_7567' and '10117894_7568'

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2016-03-07 13:17:10
#PFLOG.... /oraprdhome/app/ora11g/product/home1/PRD/sapbackup/besrellt.anf
#SAVED.... 10117894_7567

BR0280I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2016-03-07 13:41:00
#PFLOG.... /oraprdhome/app/ora11g/product/home1/PRD/saparch/aesrenmf.cds
#SAVED.... 10117894_7568

Before You Begin

  1. Perform a full backup on a SAP for Oracle online subclient.
  2. If you use the util_file (BACKINT) interface, modify the init<SID>.utl file. For information on the parameters, see Supported SAP for Oracle Util File Parameters.
  3. If you use the rman_util interface, modify the init<SID>.sap file. For information on required and optional SBT parameters, see SBT Parameters.
  4. If the init<DESTINATION_SID>.sap file does not exist, create the file. On the command line, type the following:

    brrestore -d util_file -b2 \#NULL -m $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init<DESTINATION_SID>.sap

  5. Get the SAP Backup ID for the job from the BRBACKUP or BRARCHIVE detail file
  6. Set the destination database to NOMOUNT mode.
  7. Optional: To have the CommCell Console authenticate the job, configure the parameters for CommCell Console third-party job authentication.


UTIL_FILE Interface

RMAN_UTIL Interface

What to Do Next

  1. Recover the database.
  2. Restore the archive logs if needed.
  3. If you performed a point-in-time restore, open the database with the RESETLOGS option.

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